The Council

President: Silvio Cattaneo

He is juventino in his chromosomes, since his father used to play in Juventus Youth team, stopped by Second World War, and passed him the same passion bringing him as a kid at Comunale Stadium. The team at that time was: Anzolin, Gori, Leoncini, Bercellino, Castano, Salvadore, Favalli, Del Sol, Cinesino, Zigoni e Menighelli.

After 50 years, the same emotions live in the new Juventus Stadium. And the passion is now passed from generation to generation, to his daughter and the grandchild that will join the family soon! In fact, he already saw Juventus – Sampdoria.

VicePresident: Mauro Mazzocchi

Communication Manager: Fabrizio P.

I remember my self 10 years old watching with my dad 3 finals of Champions League in a row (one of our records) and winning a series of titles. Alex the symbol, Pavel my idol, Lippi our teacher and Conte our soul.  Football supporters finally know what happened in 2006: Telecom Italia, Gazzetta dello Sport, FIGC and Inter Milan were all owned by the same people, which weren’t  Indonesians yet ( 🙂 ). In 27 years I won 24 titles + 1 World Cup (with Italjuve) and they stopped us for 6 years during our best time… I realized we are back when I saw the press conference presentation of Conte. I always wrote about Juventus (Tuttojuve), proudly Founder member & Communication Repr. of the first point of referee for Juventini in the UAE. 

Social Media & Members Relations Manager: Nayef K.

The first Juventino got my attention was Salvatore Schillaci and what he did on world cup 90, the next time got my eyes on another Juventinos was also in the next world cup but this time it was the name Baggio, Dino Baggio and Roberto Baggio (the one who did everything in that world cup). later after world cup i had the chance to see my first recorded Juventus match which was the famous match against Fiorentina 3-2, Gianluca Vialli scored twice to mark the come back, then a bright young boy scored the 3rd and the winner, that young boy called Alessandro Del Piero. a day i still cant forget, and will never do.

IT & Design Manager: Fabrizio B.

Fabrizio is a Juventino since the night of 10th June 1978, when he saw Roberto Bettega scoring against Argentina. That was not Juventus, it was the Italian national team, but as we all know this is pretty much the same. He believes in Pirlo’s beard resides all the wisdom of this world, that is why he’s also never shaved. He has spent a lot of time in studying the events of summer of 2006 and  the greatest day of his (sport) life will be when justice will be made.”